Call for Speakers

Speaking at a WordCamp is a great way to give back to the community, so if you have some knowledge you think might be worth sharing, please consider applying to speak at WordCamp Finland 2016 in Helsinki!

Talk Format & Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submissions is February 19th.

If you’d like to propose multiple topics, please submit the form multiple times, once for each topic.

Full-length sessions will be about 30 minutes long with 10-15 additional minutes for questions from the audience. We will also include a few 10-15 minute lightning talks. If you think your talk could work as a lightning talk, please let us know. Like last year, we have a one track schedule. Apply now and let us know your story.

Tiivistelmä suomeksi: WordCampissa puhuminen on erinomainen tapa tehdä jotakin yhteisön hyväksi. Jos arvelet, että sinulla voisi olla jotain kiinnostavaa jaettavaa joka hyödyttäisi muita, hae puhujaksi WordCamp Finland 2016 -tapahtumaan Helsinkiin! Kansainvälisen yleisön vuoksi toivomme ensisijaisesti englanninkielisiä esityksiä, mutta osa voi olla myös suomenkielisiä. Hakemusten määräaika on 19.2.

Topic ideas

  • WordPress security
  • Speed optimisation
  • Server/cloud setups
  • Theme development
  • Theme and plugin development frameworks
  • Accessibility
  • Plugin Development in General
  • Responsive images
  • ReactJS + WP
  • WP + Internet of Things
  • Modern JavaScript and WordPress
  • Typography
  • Designing with WordPress
  • Doing business with WordPress
  • How to sell WP projects
  • Contributing to WordPress
  • Internationalization and localisation
  • Community
  • eCommerce
  • Developer tools

Speaker applications are now closed / haku on päättynyt.