Marco Martins

Web Developer at H1.

Sonja Jaakkola

Full-time WordPress developer at Frantic. Community enthusiast, berry lover & Helsinki native.

Niko Pettersen

Chief of Web Technologies at Co-founder of WordPress Helsinki and co-organiser of Frontend Finland.

Kenneth Levänen

Kenda is a web developer at Redland. He has been a developer since the beginning of this millennium. In his free time he likes to draw comic strips.

Daniel Koskinen

Editor at, translator for locale ‘fi’, doing neat things with WordPress at

Sami Keijonen

Teacher, who likes to learn about web, accessibility, and WordPress. Learning in process can be viewed on Foxland or just Foxnet.

Gennady Kurushin

Doctoral researcher in Information Systems. Passionate about Design, Development and Photography. Eager to work with others to bring Creative ideas to life.


Kirsi Tenhunen

Kirsi is a Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Exove. She has been organising WordPress Cafés and is interested in WordPress especially from a user perspective.