Liisa Benmergui

With over a decade of experience working as a UX and concept designer, Liisa Benmergui has had the pleasure of working with all manner of persons in the industry to create many digital products and services. She’s an attentive designer that sees beauty in boxes and arrows and she find that paper, markers and whiteboards are essential tools of my trade. She’s analytical to a point and then she likes to get her hands dirty with prototypes, mock ups and sparring with designers and developers alike in order to get the best design possible. She has worked on a number of services built on the WordPress platform and has come to understand the platform’s possibilities, as well as shortcomings, and is pleasantly surprised by its versatility, especially when working with skilled developers. She is currently a designer at Frantic.com.

Aki Björklund

Aki Björklund is a mostly self-taught web generalist. He has been developing websites since 2000. After 10 years of developing custom CMSs with Microsoft technologies for media companies, among other things, he had enough and switched to 100% WordPress. Aki is a founder and the CTO of H1, a Finnish WordPress agency.

Thomas Hurd

Thomas Hurd is the Head of Design and Production at booncon PIXELS oy. He has a service and system design background with coding on the side.

Antti Kuosmanen

Antti Kuosmanen is an Open Source geek, WordPress evangelist at Seravo, founder of WP-palvelu.fi and author of many WordPress plugins.

Jussi Kinnula

Jussi Kinnula is a full Stack Developer from Helsinki. He is specialized in modern JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, Angular 2, ImmutableJS), and on back end side, Perl 5/Catalyst, NodeJS, PHP.

Nikolay Bachiyski

In 1984, a scientist attempted to clone a bear with brain tissue extracted from Albert Einstien’s rotting corpse. The result was a resounding success: Bulgarian superhero Nikolay Bachiyski was born. Now, many years later Nikolay works at Automattic and helps to improve developer knowledge throughout the world as a core contributor and Security Czar for the WordPress project.

Janne Ala-Äijälä

Janne Ala-Äijälä is a handyman of internet, working as a Senior Web Developer at Aucor. With a strong software development background and experience with other web platforms he’s eager to take the most out of WordPress to make the internet a better place.

Jenn Schlick

Jenn Schlick is the web manager at the Massachusetts of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative. She works closely with the Initiative’s communications team, managing web projects and web education efforts. She has a decade of experience working in web technologies, including WordPress. Jenn is passionate about CSS, responsive design, and solving complex front-end problems.

Otto Kekäläinen

Otto Kekäläinen is the CEO of Seravo Oy, CEO of the MariaDB Foundation and the chairman of the FUUG Foundation. Otto has been using Linux and other open source technologies for over 15 years, and has been advocating open source for almost as long. Otto’s first blog in 2004 was made with WordPress, and since the inception of WP-palvelu.fi Otto has been deeply involved with WordPress. As a software developer Otto has insight into the technical side of open source, and as a CEO and entrepreneur he also knows how to use open source in business successfully. Otto likes to share his experiences on how to use open source to its full potential and how the world can keep increasing the benefits of open source software and its methodologies.

Mari Orpana

Mari Orpana on Contrastin operatiivinen johtaja, joka innostuu upeista WordPress-toteutuksista, markkinoinnista ja yhdessä tekemisestä.

Mari Orpana is the COO of Contrast. She is enthusiastic about wonderful WordPress implementations, marketing and working in a team.

Mikko Saari

Mikko Saari is the CEO at Painava sana oy and the developer of Relevanssi plugin for WP. He is born in 1980, an active WP developer since ~2009.

Natanael Sinisalo

Natanael Sinisalo has been working on WordPress for the past 7 years and for the past 4 years he has also been co-running a small digital/WordPress agency called MEOM where he currently work as a CTO. He also runs Jyväskylä WordPress Meetups.